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Sunday 24th June 2018

Event Branding

Podge Lunch is annual event where movers and shakers in the design industry let their hair down

The long lunch par excellence conceived over 20 years ago, over lunch at the Oval Cricket Club with six design luminaries of the day. Now it's grown into a social phenomenon that embraces the design, digital and sports industries. Every year a different design agency is chosen to develop a theme that brands every aspect of the event – from invitations to drinks packaging to signage.

The theme for Podge 12 was based on staying upright – no mean feat when lunch starts at noon and finishes after midnight! All 140 attendees received a unique name badge with a personalised graphic portrait/symbol. 

After taking the branding of Podge 12 to a new level, design agencies now compete for the opportunity to design the event, each trying to outdo the previous year's theme.