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Tuesday 14th August 2018


As a kid I dreamed of winning a Blue Peter badge – I never did.

As a student I won lots of competitions including an International typeface competition and an entry in D&AD.

At Horseman Cooke and Open Agency (pre Brand Cooke), we entered awards occasionally. In 1989 we won a Clio for redesigning the packaging for John Player Special (JPS) cigarettes when it was a cool brand. Nowadays of course working for a tobacco company would be unthinkable. Back then they didn’t even have health warnings on the packs! Talking about things that are bad for your health – in the mid-morning martinis and smoke infused TV series, Mad Men – I was intrigued to see how much Clio awards once meant, when Don Draper picked one up in Series 4. We also won a Design Week Award, were nominated for a DBA Effectiveness Award for Royal Mail and got the odd thing in D&AD when we remembered to enter. 

In July 2012 HOW Design voted this website in its Top 10 Websites for Designers.

Awards are nice but they’re not something that drives what we do. Our reward is success for our clients, knowing we’ve produced the very best that we can for them.

Gary Cooke

Abbie Cooke
Association of Business Schools Student of the Year (CSR) 2005
British Female Inventor/Innovator of the Year Winner 2006