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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Casa Alba / Candida Taylor

Branding a development and a developer

The brief
I need to sell a beautiful property in Sotogrande. It’s expensive $12,500,000. I’d like a brochure. It’s very exclusive and there aren’t many potential buyers in the market for this kind of property so we need to make it special. I don’t want a website as I will be meeting potential buyers personally and I’d like to create an exclusive invitation. Candida Taylor.

The idea
An identity not only for the property but also for the developer – demonstrating Candida’s commitment to the development. A photographic portfolio/brochure illustrating the quality and attention to detail of the property.

The effect
I’d love to announce that Casa Alba sold for the asking price. It has had a lot of interest and press coverage, but in the current climate still remains on the market.