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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Feelgood Agency

Once upon a time there were two worlds

... the world of creativity and the world of business. 

Creative people were imaginative and passionate but often believed they were misunderstood by their neighbours in the world of business. 

Business people were smart but they worried about soaring customer expectations and a slow moving economy. They understood that to succeed they would need courage and imagination to stand out from the crowd. and so they looked to the world of creativity - excited by its potential, but uncertain if they could be part of it. 

Often the two worlds collided. the differences in culture, language, and beliefs made talking to each other difficult and misunderstandings commonplace. Both worlds tried their best, but came away feeling let down and frustrated. But when the two worlds got on, in an atmosphere of trust and respect, great things happened. they discovered better ways of working. their people were inspired and more passionate. They created innovative products and services, and mind-blowing customer experiences. and everyone felt good.

Feelgood Agency works with both creative and business people to improve the way they interact with ideas, innovation and each other.