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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Love at Work Foundation

A book that shows how the heart can be put back into business

The brief
Gary, you know I’ve been thinking about writing a book – Love at Work – I’d love for you to design it. 

The idea
Love isn’t a word automatically associated with the workplace. The challenge was to make it easily acceptable and so un homage to Milton Glaser (designer of I Love NY logo) was the direction I took – incorporating all the elements of the title graphically into one symbol. The book is a 270 page text book with few illustrations, so the challenge was to make it work typographically – easy to flick through and pick out interesting pieces of information without necessarily having to read it from start to finish.

The effect
The book has been so successful that it has generated a movement of putting the heart back into business. The Love at Work Foundation runs courses and workshops and has an accreditation programme that is gaining widespread interest and adoption by many organisations who have been looking for a softer but still successful way of working.