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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Insite Poster Properties

A flexible identity for an outdoor advertising business

The brief
Create an identity for a specialist property developer and investor, that focuses solely on small strips of land, and walls on the sides of buildings, as potential outdoor advertising sites.

The idea
The Insite logo can be adapted to different sizes and formats which illustrate the flexibility of the Insite model. The arrows become part of the type and define the parameters of the space. The arrows can also be highlighted as directional and signposting devices. 

The effect
By establishing a clear brand identity in the commercial property marketplace – a sector not known for its design creativity, Insite was able to attract £25m of new funding, enabling it to quickly establish itself as the UK’s leading property investor specialising in outdoor advertising sites. In 2012 Insite was recently sold to a new investor and now has a business valuation of £60m.