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Tuesday 14th August 2018


How Rocketseed make every mail count

The brief
Hi Gary, we need to do something for Christmas to send to our clients. We need something memorable, something they won’t automatically chuck in the bin. Fiona Robson.

The idea
A gift-wrapped box containing a letter to send to Santa, a miniature bottle of whisky, a mince pie and a postcard with this message:

Rocketseed is dedicated to providing the latest technology in delivering your email but we also believe in a few old-fashioned ways of doing things.

This festive season is a time when children write letters, not emails, to Santa. Many are sent in the post, some are thrown into the chimney, the updraft of the fire’s flames lifting the letters high into the sky and onwards to the North Pole. 

Of course, for a child’s dreams to come true, it’s important that a little something is left for Santa on Christmas Eve. At Rocketseed we like to make all mail count, so with our compliments, you’ll find all you need inside this box to help this special Christmas tradition live on.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

The effect
Santa was rather unsteady on his feet and on his sleigh and his tummy was even fatter than usual. Rocketseed’s clients really enjoyed this festive treat, many responding back personally with very merry ho ho ho’s!