• A designer who builds successful brands with bright ideas, clear thinking and intelligent design.

Sunday 22nd July 2018

What I do

Gary Hoppty

Intelligent ideas can make us think or behave differently – they can change our lives – they can change the world!

I love the prospect of being able to explore what’s impossible, what’s possible – how I can make a new connection, join up the dots in a different way, create something that will make people smile, go “Wow!” or think differently.

I like to build relationships with my clients where we trust and respect each other. This doesn’t mean we will never fall out or debate an issue but it ultimately leads to something fresh and not formulaic.

Many of my clients work in sectors that help other people – my role is to help them be more successful in what they do – by promoting what they do more effectively to a wider audience (good design does this). Through Brand Cooke we develop your people and teams with our innovative and creative business courses. If you are prescriptive in what you want, we may not be the right company for you. If you have a goal that you want to achieve but are uncertain of how to get there then I can help. 

Examples of my design can be found in these sections of the website: Portfolio, Case Studies, Archive, Pro Bono, and Projects.