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Tuesday 14th August 2018


Many designers in the UK grew up with Design Week. With its digital little brother getting bigger and a steady decline in sales, sadly after 25 years Design Week was no more.

My work often featured in news items etc., but later I started to contribute the odd piece of editorial. I’m not a prolific writer but in this section of the website you’ll find a few of my thoughts on things I felt particularly passionate about.

From my Blog May 2011
I remember as a fledgling design entrepreneur, scanning the pages of Design Week every Thursday when the new edition arrived, searching for a mention of a new piece of packaging we’d designed or piece of business won. Design Week had become such a part of the British design business, that it’s hard to believe it no longer exists. I’d always shout across the studio every Thursday – Who’s got the latest copy of Design Week? I’d always get back I think it’s on Andy’s desk or I saw it on Martyn’s desk. Maybe this was the problem. Perhaps we should have bought more copies. It wasn’t expensive and we shared one copy between the whole studio.

Gary Cooke