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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Design for good

My father always used to say “A kind heart never wants”. It’s something Brand Cooke always lives by and strongly believes in. Instead of free pitches (which we don’t believe in), We give a proportion of our time to organisations, communities, charities and causes that can’t afford but benefit enormously from what we do. Gary Cooke.

It's sometimes difficult for friends, or friends of friends, to resist asking if it would be possible, to just quickly design such and such for so and so. If we said yes to all these types of requests we would make a lot of people very happy but we have to make a living too! So instead we choose a few projects every year that we believe in, and feel passionate about, that we give our time to for free.

Big ideas and great design are a valuable commodity. We don't believe in giving away what we do for those who have the resources, that's why we are against free pitches, but there are many opportunities for designers to make a real difference in the world for those who need our talent but can’t afford it.

Gig-Arts is our charity which delivers inspiring and motivational enterprise events for young people in the visual and performing arts.