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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Comunidad Terapéutica Montenegral

Helping to raise thousands of euros to help those addicted to drugs and alcohol in southern Spain.

The brief 
Every year the Montenegral Association for the Treatment of Addictions in southern Spain hold a Charity Gala Ball. To publicise the evening they need posters, flyers, tickets and a strong visual theme that can be adapted to dressing the event. 

The idea
The most successful event was the Flamenco themed ball, that’s now held every year. Bold and confident photographic type creates a strong theme that is carried through to posters, ticketing and event styling. The initials of Lucía Álvarez, the acclaimed young Flamenco dancer, features in the title as well as starring at the events.

The effect
Tens of thousands of euros are raised for the Montenegral Association for the Treatment of Addictions at every event. Other successful events included a Brazilian Cabaret.