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Tuesday 14th August 2018

First, second and third helpings

Rewriting the ways recipes are written

The brief
You know how much I love food. I’ve collected together a whole load of recipes that are to die for! Let’s design a book – but the recipes have got to be easy to follow. Kim Soudavar.

The idea
There’s nothing more frustrating when following a recipe, than to discover you’re missing a vital ingredient. In the cookery books I designed for Kim, the layout combined the instructions and the ingredients. A quick scan would reveal the ingredients and make the making of the dish easier. For every book I’d spend a hectic week with Kim at her beautiful villa in Sotogrande, southern Spain. She would cook – I would click away with my hand-held Leica – we’d both eat – drink and while Kim took her Siesta, I’d be downloading, retouching and designing. It was a lot of fun.

The effect
I’ve designed 3 books for Kim – the third and last being the most controversial – very little food was actually shown – the premise being it was all so delicious it was eaten before I had the chance to photograph it! However it proved to be a recipe for success, raising thousands of euros for Cominidad Terapéutica Montenegral – a residential centre helping young male addicts in Southern Spain.