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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Gig-Arts Trust

Inspiring young creative people to volunteer their time and talent

Gig-Arts originally covered different areas of social enterprise – speakers on creativity, workshops for students of the arts, music and drama, and an agency representing disabled artists. In 2012 Gig-Arts was established as a charity – narrowing its focus with dynamic social enterprise workshops in schools and universities. Participants of the events then pledge to volunteer in their local communities with their time and talent.

The brief
We need a new logo that is targeted towards a younger market.

The idea
I designed a stencil typeface to be used across all promotional collateral. The fact that Gig-Arts now has charitable status is emphasised by incorporating .org into the logo, which also promotes the charity’s website. The number of elements in .org as represented by the specially created stencil typeface is exactly the same as colours in the rainbow – reflecting the diversity of the students that Gig-Arts is targeting. 

The effect
A younger fresher face for Gig-Arts, the charity. A number of events have been booked at the leading schools in Oxfordshire and a new website is being built to adopt the new look & feel.