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Sunday 24th June 2018

Wychwood Youth Club

logo 4 a yth clb

The brief
I was ‘volunteered’ to create a ‘logo’ for my local youth club.

The idea
Many young people communicate by texting, so it was a logical conclusion to spell out the name in txt spk. Typography often throws up happy accidents and the fact that the initials WYC were also the first letters of Wychwood added to the idea. The double ‘o’ which is represented by a percentage sign was developed into an idea for the strapline – 100% Fun! Although text on hi-resolution smartphones is no longer represent by pixelated type, the idea of using a pixel font (specially designed) reinforced the idea. It wasn’t what they expected but they loved it! 

The effect
The young people of the Wychwoods have a club and identity they’re proud to wear and promote.