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Sunday 24th June 2018

Older Dads

A website for new dads who are getting on a bit!

I became a Dad for the first time in 2010. I was 56. It changed my life!

As the Dad it became my job to search online for the best pram, the best high chair in fact I spent most of those first few months trawling the internet for the best of everything for my young daughter. As an older first time dad, of course I wanted nothing but the best, I could afford it. But finding it wasn't easy. What if... I thought... there was a website specially for a Dad like me. I kept reading articles in the press about older Dads, celebrity Dads, Dads with an already grown-up family who had started again with a younger wife. Dads with more disposable income than most younger Dads.

And so olderdads.com was born.

The website is launching this year and it will have everything on it that I had to spend an eternity finding – not just in terms of hours but money on wasted useless purchases. olderdads.com will have the best places to buy the coolest gear for your kids, product reviews – child-fiendly restaurants where you can go and still have a nice lunch without tearing your hair out (what you have left of it).  We'll also be looking at health and fitness for older Dads if your young child isn't keeping you young! I'm also working on special deals, offers and discounts with leading retailers of cool kids stuff.

olderdads.com will make life as a new Dad a doddle!