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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Bespoke Fonts

A specially designed typeface can differentiate your brand as much as a symbol or logo.

I designed my first typeface (Garbo), when I was a student – it won an international typeface competition organised by Mecanorma. From that moment I fell in love with type. 

As a packaging designer in the 80s many of the products I designed incorporated bespoke typography, although rarely was a full font designed. For the corporate world, big brands and advertising campaigns, a specially created typeface can really differentiate you from your competitors.

I have designed many typefaces for clients that are as unique as they are.

Making a comeback
Garbo, the typeface I designed as a student back in the seventies seems to be appearing in the coolest places! On the über cool Swedish fashion magazine Bon, where it's used as their masthead and twice (one a variation of) on the V&A Bowie Poster. 

Gary Cooke