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Sunday 22nd July 2018

Can a leopard change it’s spots...

and can you teach an old dog new tricks?

The answer of course is “YES!” But only if the leopard and the old dog really want to. 

As a personal coach I’m here to motivate and support you by finding out what you really want. And more importantly why you want it. 

At an initial meeting I will listen and you will do most of the talking. I will be there to support and encourage you, to get to grips with those two big questions. Only then can you begin to create goals that really motivate you. We can then put together an effective action plan that works for you, where you won’t fall over at the first hurdle. It all sounds simple doesn’t it. But sometimes the world can be a lonely place, specially at the top. Working things out on your own isn’t always easy. 

The best performers in the world – athletes, people in business, politics, all have coaches. If you believe you are one of the best but are uncertain about how to deliver on your potential, then you need a coach. To be the best you can be, takes hard work but once you are clear and confident about where you really want to go – if you’re not afraid to make mistakes and learn new ways of doing things then anything is possible.

I have 35 years in the creative industry, nearly 30 of them running my own businesses. I have worked with Tony Robbins, the worlds most influential personal development coach. 

I coach from the heart not from a text book.

In 2014 with Abbie Cooke, I set up  Brand Cooke, working with businesses and organisations who value their people and customers as much as they do their brand identity. Brand Cooke helps brands that care.