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Tuesday 14th August 2018

You’re never too old to learn

When I was a young student graduating from the Royal College of Art, I was offered a very tempting position as visiting lecturer at Pennsylvania State University for one year. At 24, I thought “What do I know? What can I teach? I’ve no experience!”. I turned it down.

The creative business has changed dramatically since I was a student. But I’m always eager to learn new things and share what I know about the wonderful world of design. Giving something back, to young students, hungry to learn, is a great opportunity that I love being part of. 

In 2011 I went back to school, as a student. I spent a week on a course at the School of Visual Arts in New York with a design hero – Milton Glaser, the American graphic designer and illustrator, famous for the much plagiarised I Love NY logo. Milton Glaser had inspired me as a 16 year old wannabe designer and the experience prompted me to set up a new type of creative business. He is now in his eighties but is still committed to sharing and passing on his knowledge to those who want to learn.

I have lectured at the School of Communication Arts in London, Norwich University of the Arts, and Bedford College.