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Sunday 22nd July 2018

What’s different about your brand?

You can’t be a leading brand by doing what everybody else does

What’s special about what you do? Why or how are you different?

These aren’t always easy questions to answer. It may be the product or service you offer, it may be the way you think, the way you treat your people and your customers. It may be the way you look or speak. Every person, every brand is unique – but how do you take what’s unique and make it into a difference that matters and one that people love? 

Successful brands are those that care. They care as much about their customers as their bottom line. Successful brands care about innovation, creativity and sustainability – offering new and exciting possibilities and experiences to their people and their customers. 

You can’t be a leading brand by doing what everybody else does. But being innovative and embracing creativity can be scary. Logic and gut instinct don’t often go hand-in-hand, yet fresh ideas and new ways of presenting your brand will help differentiate you from the competition. 

Going against the trend is a not for the risk averse, but the reward for doing things differently is standing out from the crowd. 

It’s a cliché but we’ll say it – branding is not about creating a logo and just sticking it on everything! Of course your brand personality must be consistently portrayed in everything you do – in your people, your service, your products – customers expect this, but what can you do that goes beyond their expectations? What can your brand do to make a real difference? 

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