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Sunday 22nd July 2018

No smoke and mirrors just clear brand thinking, learning and development

Building a brand

After working with the world’s largest brands for over 30 years – we know how they work. Our goal is to help start-ups, small brands who want to be bigger brands and brands that are not quite sure where they’re going but know that they need to change.

Some companies start up with a clear vision of what they want to achieve. And if it’s aligned with their values, it will guide, drive and inspire everyone who is part of it, to create a brand that changes lives – a brand like Apple, the No.1 Brand in the world and a brand that people love!

Sadly not all companies have a vision. And if you don’t you’ll find it difficult to consistently develop your business and build a loyal following.

We can help you articulate what’s really important to you – defining your values – creating your vision – something everyone can get behind and feel excited about. We can help you understand what your customers think, develop your positioning, your brand architecture, your people and how you communicate your brand, all of which which will go to making up your unique brand DNA – your brand’s personality –  a thing that your customers can become emotionally attached to.

Your brand also needs to be trustworthy. For your brand to be trusted you must be consistent. This is not just about having your logo in the right colour and always using the correct typeface – it’s about being honest and truthful and being consistent. Your brand personality must always shine through. It matters that your brand says the right things, in the right way to the right people all of the time.

With a clear vision, whenever you do anything – design a new product, create a new campaign, talk with people about what you do, you’ll be able to do it with clarity and confidence.